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The premise: Citizen Tony has become President Tony and is selecting his Cabinet. He has posted his choices for the Attorney General and the Secretaries of State, the Treasury, Defense, the Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and Transportation. That leaves him with eleven more positions to fill.   
Secretary of Energy
Alec Tronn

Tronn has a global, nay, intergalactic knowledge of energy in all its myriad forms sources. He’s uniquely qualified to lead the quest to develop better, more efficient means of creating and utilizing sustainable energy for the future. Though his opponents in Congress questioned his admittedly slight public record and relationship with exotic dancer Katrinka Colchnzski, Tronn had the endorsements and support of scientists around the world.
Secretary of Education
Jefferson Pierce

As a high-school teacher and then principal in Freeland, Pierce’s reputation has grown beyond his home city. An inspiring leader, he is committed to helping every student succeed no matter what their circumstances. He has the ability to bring business and government leaders together to create innovative educational opportunities for students. Sometimes referred to as “Black Jesus,” his electrifying personality accomplished miracles on local and state levels. He’s ready to serve with equal success on the national level.
Secretary of Veteran Affairs
Isaiah Bradley

An African-American soldier during World War II, Bradley knows from personal experience how service members of color were mistreated by the military establishment. After WWII, he saw the government fail consistently to do right by the veterans, black and white, who had served in that conflict and those who served in Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East and elsewhere. A passionate advocate for veterans, he has vowed to see that American’s defenders always receive the aid they have earned by their service to our nation.
Secretary of Homeland Security
Carol Danvers

As Captain Marvel and a member of the Avengers, she has proven she can command mighty forces on multiple fronts and take swift action when situations require it. She is willing to take extreme measures in defense of our country, which was a concern of some members of Congress. When appointing her to this position, the President (that would be me) made it very publicly clear to Danvers that she must always respect civil rights and the rule of law. Privately, he also insisted Danvers continue attending AA meetings on a regular basis. For all her accomplishments and power, Danvers must prove herself to the President to remain in this position.
Trade Representative
Scrooge McDuck

This agency is responsible for developing and recommending United States trade policy to the President, conducting trade negotiations at bilateral and multilateral levels and coordinating trade policy within the government. McDuck, heralded as being tougher than the toughies and smarter than the smarties, will look out for American interests. However, though he tries to keep this secret, McDuck is also known for his sense of fairness. If all trade partners benefit from their dealings with one and another, then peaceful trade will continue and flourish.
Director of National Intelligence
Felicity Smoak

Gathering intelligence, managing it and putting it to work for our country is the job of this agency’s director. Smoak’s mad computer skills are legendary. Her experience running Palmer Technologies, as well as classified operations, shows her to be capable of managing agents in the field and scientists in the lab. She can and has made tough decisions, but has not become callous as happens to so many people in the intelligence field.
Ambassador to the United Nations
Lynda Carter

Best known for her portrayal of a champion of female empowerment and gender equality on television, Carter is a staunch advocate and supporter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Pro-Choice rights for women and legal equality for LGBT people.

In a June 4, 2008, interview with People magazine, Carter stated she had entered a rehabilitation clinic for treatment of alcoholism and been sober for a decade. When asked what the recovery process had taught her, Carter explained that the best measure of a human being is "how we treat the people who love us, and the people that we love.”

Carter is well qualified to represent the strength and compassion of the American people to the world.
Office of Management and Budget
Hiram Lodge
Though the occasional fake comic-book story would portray Lodge as a greedy CEO, he is a savvy businessman who uses his wealth wisely and often in the service of his community. His failure to curb his daughter Veronica’s spending notwithstanding, Lodge is a terrific choice to produce the budget and keep a watchful eye on the quality of agency programs.
Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
Natasha Romanoff
Born in the Soviet Union, Romanoff has proved her ability and her dedication to the United States in countless missions for SHIELD. Given the former administration’s treasonous relationship with the Russian dictator Putin, her background knowledge of Russian secret intelligence agencies will serve our country well.
Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
Ronald Lithgow
Despite his transformation into a creature made of alien stone, the noted writer has been an advocate of protecting the environment in his writings and in action. While his appearance can be terrifying,  his erudite, gentle manner of speech quickly puts people at ease. He knows his science and is able to convey intricate details in an easy-to-understand, straightforward manner. Protecting our country and its natural resources should never be a contentious struggle. Lithgow is the perfect man for this position.
Administrator of the Small Business Administration
Chuck Rozanski

From selling comic books at conventions to creating a successful comics retail stores to founding the largest online comics retailer in the world, Rozanski is the model of a small businessman growing his business to epic proportions. He is known for his integrity and his support of diversity and other worthwhile causes. I’m confident that he will create the mechanisms for small businesses to thrive in our current economy.

My fellow Americans, I am pleased to introduce you to my Cabinet. With their dedication and talent, I have no doubt that our country will be able to recover from the bigoted, criminal and treasonous Trump administration and restore our nation to one again recognized as the standard barrier for democracy and the shining hope of the world. Thank you and Godzilla bless the United States of America.

I’ll be back on Friday with more stuff.

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