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If you’re a new reader of this bloggy thing of mine, you might not know this comic-book writer and fan, cheesy monster movie devotee, avid reader and reviewer of all kinds of books, and guy who watches an awful lot of TV is also a progressive liberal. Some readers are triggered by progressive liberal Democrats. They like me best when I write about those other things.

Here’s the thing. My writing is rarely devoid of social commentary even when it’s not abundantly obvious. If there is value to what I write, it’s because it often connects to the real world around us. That real world has always been political. Just as our comic-book super-heroes have always been political.

When you see “Citizen Tony” in the title of a bloggy thing, it’s my way of warning you that particular bloggy thing discusses political and social issues. I’m attempting to spare you being triggered by that day’s content. I’d rather you read my commentary and perhaps get a new perspective on the day’s topic, but that is your choice. You can skip today’s bloggy thing and come back on a day when I’m writing about something more to your liking.

Today’s “Citizen Tony” column has a letter I wrote to The Gazette, my home town’s local newspaper. Medina is way too Republican and way too white for my personal taste, and The Gazette generally (but not always) reflects that. Honestly, I don’t expect The Gazette to run this letter. It’s bad manners to call out racists as racists. Which is why you can read it here.

After much adieu, here is the letter:

Sweets & Geeks on East Smith Road is one of my favorite places in Medina. I love checking out the wondrous assortments of candy, soda pop and Funko figures, and that covers less than half of what you will find there. Unfortunately, my most recent visit to this great establishment was marred by a despicable eyesore.

Across the street from the Sweets & Geeks parking lot was a garage with a huge Confederate flag hanging from its door. It was as big as the United States flag that hung next to it. I wondered why anyone would display and seemingly take pride in displaying such an odious symbol of racism, slavery, treason and white supremacy.

The Confederate flag is not “heritage” except in the most negative way. Does the person who flies this flag consider their heritage to be one of  racism, slavery, treason and white supremacy? Because, when you dismiss the obviously false talking points about states rights and such, that’s the reality of this symbol. Racism. Slavery. Treason. White supremacy. Those were the realities of the Confederate States of America as proclaimed in the very documents that brought it into existence.

I’ll never understand why any American citizen would embrace what the Confederate flag represents. I don’t believe that flag reflect the hearts and minds of the vast majority of Medina’s residents. Yet there it flies on East Smith Road, a reminder that evil exists and that we still have a long way to go to truly make our country what it should be.

I’ll let you know if The Gazette runs this letter. In the meantime, stay safe and sane. I’ll be back soon with more stuff.

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  1. The Gazette ran my letter in what seems to be its entirety in today's (Tuesday) edition.