Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I have to move some stuff around to keep myself sane through the weekend.

TONY ISABELLA'S BLOGGY THING is on hiatus until Monday, August 1, which is when I'll start posting the first of my three-part "Sharkpocalypse" series. I'll be reviewing all six of the movies premiere on the Syfy Channel this week: Atomic Shark, Dam Sharks. Ice Sharks, Planet of the Sharks, Ozark Sharks and, of course, Sharknado: The 4th Awakens. Those columns will be followed by multi-part convention reports on G-Fest, PulpFest and Monsterfest Mania. However, depending on my mood, I might write some other bloggy things to go between these multi-part efforts. My pile of comics and books to review is starting to look like the world's most dangerous Jenga game.

Between now and the end of next week, I also hope to answer all the e-mails and other messages that have been sitting in my various "in" boxes far too long. I also hope to finish a couple other projects by mid-August. I thank you for your patience.

There may be some other announcements coming in August. Life is both challenging and exciting for me these days.

See you soon.

Tony Isabella

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