Monday, May 21, 2018


Cherry Capital Comic Con is my next convention appearance and, as an added bonus, Saintly Wife Barb will be accompanying me on this trip to northern Michigan.

C4 (as the event is known) will be Friday, May 25, through Sunday, May 27 at the scenic Grand Traverse Resort, 100 Grand Traverse Village Blvd, Acme, Michigan. While there, I’m hoping to visit the factory which provides Wil E. Coyote with all his cool road runner hunting supplies.

From C4's website:

C4 is Northern Michigan’s largest comic book and pop entertainment expo. Located at the scenic Grand Traverse Resort, C4 is Northern Michigan’s perfect gathering of comic book creators, exhibitors, and fans. Celebrating 10 years of excellence in 2018, C4 pulls out all the stops to bring you the best show possible.

With a concentration on comics and comic creators, C4 strives to keep the “comic” in comic con. Offering an intimate setting to meet the people behind your favorite comics, C4 is the place to have the conversations you never thought you could with the people that make the comics we all love. Between the creators you know and the new creators you will discover, C4 has a great comics experience for everyone!

While creators are a big focus, we also pride ourselves on our great variety of vendors for you to shop and find that perfect comic or collectible that you have been after. Bronze, Silver, Golden Age and more comics. Star Wars toys, Pop Vinyls, T-shirts, and so much more.

If shopping isn’t your style, we still have even more fun for the whole family. Panels to learn about the comics industry and more. A costume contest for the adults AND a costume contest for the kids. A karaoke after party. Silent Auction. 501st Legion photo ops and so much more. Come on out to C4 and have an experience you’ll remember.

The show hours:

Friday, May 25th: 5-8 pm

Saturday, May 26th– 10:00 am-6:00 pm

Sunday, May 27th– 11:00 am-5:00 pm

I’ll be there all three days.

C4's guest of honor is Jim Steranko, always one of the (if not the) most knowledge creators in any room. He’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday. Also appearing will be actor Brian O’Halloran (Clerks) and voice actor Billy West (Futurama). O’Halloran will be appearing all three days. West will be at the event Saturday and Sunday.

The comics guests are legendary: Mike Grell, Gene Ha, Angel Medina, William Messner-Loebs, Jill Thompson and myself. Though the event’s website says I’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday, I will be there all three days. C4 has treated me so well that I wanted to attend from start to finish.

There will be a great many other terrific creators and vendors at C4. I hope to take breaks from my table to see what they have for sale. Although, with Barb there, I’ll need to curtail my spending. Not a complaint. I love having her come to events with me.

C4's panel schedule is still being finalized, but I’ll be doing at least one panel during the weekend:

1-2 pm
*Outback Steakhouse Panel Room

Join Black Lightning creator Tony Isabella and Warlord creator Mike Grell for a retrospective on their careers in the comic industry- discussing the creation of characters that stand the test of time, changes in the medium and personal anecdotes about their adventures in the business.
I may do more than this one panel. If I find out about that before I leave for the convention, I’ll post an update to today’s bloggy thing and also on Facebook and Twitter.

If you visit my table at the convention, I’ll be delighted to sell you Black Lightning comic books, posters, scripts and trades. I’ll also have copies of July 1963: A Pivotal Month in the Comic-Book Life of Tony Isabella Volume One. As always, if you buy items from me, I sign them for free. Otherwise...

My signing fees are modest. I’ll sign any item not purchased from me for free. After that first one, I charge $2 per item.

If you bring a representative of any grading company to witness my signature, the price goes up to $5 per item. The same if you ask me to sign a certificate of authenticity.

Photos of me or with me are free at this time. At some point in the future, I plan to offer some staged photos of me. I won’t know the price on those until I find out what they’ll cost me.

Cosplayers: please make your way around to my table. I would love to see your costumes and get photos of you for this bloggy thing. Especially if you’re cosplaying as characters I created or that I have written.

Editors and publishers: I am not under exclusive contract at this time. I’m always happy to discuss my working with you. Maybe it’s me, but I think From the Creator of Black Lightning at the top of a project we do will get said project some attention.

Everyone: I truly pride myself on answering questions honestly. However, due to non-disclosure agreements and sometimes me just not wanting to give something away before I’m ready, there will be questions that I can’t or won’t answer.

I’m really looking forward to Cherry Capital Comic Con. I hope to see you there. I’ll be back soon with more stuff.

© 2018 Tony Isabella

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