Monday, December 24, 2018


Christmas is not unconditionally merry for me. There are reasons, but I’m not going to go into them in what is intended to be a very short holiday message.

The greatest gift I could have been given this year would have been to have witnessed the Dumpster President and his hench-people led from the White House in cuffs. That would have been a perp walk for the ages. The second greatest gift would have been guys like Mitch McConnell also being led away. Although, in Mitch’s case, I would settle for someone turning him over on his back so that he couldn’t run away from the damage he’s done to our country.

Several friends are not going to have a merry Christmas this year. Some have foregone hope for so long that they don’t seem capable of considering tomorrow might be better than today if they would only meet it halfway. Some are not accepted by their families or other loved ones. Some are living paycheck to paycheck and some have no paycheck to get them through these long dark nights of our American crisis. For all the happiness that should come with the holidays, there is grief and there is a sense of helplessness.

Maybe the best gift any of us could receive would be hope for that better tomorrow. For a tomorrow that shows the world our country is not as racist as the Dumpster would have it. For a tomorrow where decisions that affect us are made on some basis other than childish petulance. Where truth is not hooted down as fake news. Where our leaders aspire to our land’s better angels and do not use fear and hatred to serve the rich and the powerful.

I hope for a better America. I hope we will be able to undo all the damage already done by not just this Dumpster Presidency but all of the immoral actions taken by the Republican Party to deliver this national nightmare unto us. Make no mistake, the villain currently claiming to be President is the end result of decades of schemes to suppress votes, to silence the oppressed, to make our country not a beacon of inclusion and liberty, but a dark shadow of bigotry and fear and ignorance.

I would ask that those of us who are able to do so donate to those good people who fight the fight for all of us. Candidates who will serve the public good and not just the big-money crowd. Groups who shine the powerful light of truth on lawlessness and oppression. Dedicated heroes who fight for justice for all. Americans with big hearts who welcome inclusion because they know our diversity will always make us stronger.

On this Christmas, I am grateful for all the love and support shown to me and my work. I hope I can continue to entertain you and, on occasion, educate you. I will always try to do better in all areas. I will always strive to be more than I was yesterday.

Always forward.
© 2018 Tony Isabella

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  1. Happy Christmas, Tony!

    Here at Casa Santman we're all healthy, warm, and well fed.
    The lights are on, the bills are paid, the freezer's full, and in spite of the best efforts of those in power, we're looking forward to a long and happy retirement.