Monday, July 27, 2020


BLACK LIGHTNING FUNKO POP update for 7-27-20.

The lowest open auctions currently stand at $107.50 (4 bids, 4 days) and $130,50 (12 bids, 6 days).

The BUY IT NOW offers range from $180 to $450.

The complete listings show the lowest sales were for $99 and $120. I think that's the proper range for this figure, not that I can influence the market.

The complete listings show the highest sales were three figures that each sold for $399,99 from the same seller. Something's wrong with the process when one dealer is able to get multiple figures.

I still hope Funko does a larger, non-exclusive release of this figure. Write them and let them know of your interest. They are a good company that makes a great product. (I just bought their four cancer awareness DC figures for my Social Justice League.) The more people contact Funko, the better chances there are of getting a general release.

For that matter, do the same with Warner Bros and their Black Lightning season collection. Tell them you want Blu-rays of Seasons Two and Three...just like they do for all the other DC/CW shows. Tell them you want general releases of those sets. By making only DVD sets available and making them manufacture on demand, they are self-fulfilling the nonsense that Black heroes don't sell. We know better. We know there's a large audience that is being under-served by Warner Bros and so many other companies.

In fact, if you want to see authentic Black Lightning comic books that are again written by me, contact DC Comics in enormous numbers. Contact Jim Lee. Contact editors. Find out who oversees DC Comics from Warner Bros or even AT&T and tell them what you want. Hell, if those individuals would give me an hour, I could explain to them how much money they are leaving on the table.

It's up to you because, as we've seen, the comics news sites aren't interested in Black Lightning or any positive stories about me.

That's my Monday morning message.

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