Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Today’s bloggy thing will seem familiar to you because I covered a lot of the same territory a week ago. I’ll put the most pertinent stuff up front.

My next open-to-the-general-public Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sales will be Friday, July 31, and Saturday, August 1, from nine am to noon. They will be held at my home: 840 Damon Drive, Medina, Ohio on the corner of Damon Drive and Bradley Court. There will be a lot of cool comics and pop culture related stuff on sale...and I’m adding over a hundred items every day between now and then.

Only two customers will be allowed in the garage sale at any given time. Don’t fret if you’re still waiting to get in at noon. I will keep the sales going until all my customers have been able to shop.

There are some other rules as well, but I’ll get to them after I’ve given you some idea of what you’ll find at the sale. Here comes the quick tour:

There are a couple boxes of comics priced at a quarter. I’d love to have more, but I haven’t come across a fresh supply of such items as I search through the Vast Accumulation of Stuff. How vast is it? I just this week came across the books I had promised to send one of my dearest friends in exchange for an item he sent to me. That was a year ago. It’s good to have patient friends.

I have a couple dozen PlayStation and Xbox games on sale at a buck each. There may be a few more before the end of the summer. I also have a couple dozen CDs at a buck each and there definitely will be more of those as I go through the CDs amassed by Saintly Wife Barb and myself during our 36 years of marriage.

There are hardbacks and trade paperbacks throughout the sale. You won’t believe the prices on some of these. I just sold two volumes of Russ Manning’s Tarzan for fifteen bucks each.

You’ll see some collectible items. As my search continues, you’ll probably see more. Over the years, I’ve sold over a couple hundred collectible Monopoly games and collectible phones. I don’t think I have any more Monopoly games but some more phones could turn up as the summer progresses.

I have several boxes of comic books priced at a dollar each. These will be restocked throughout my “garage sale season.” I anticipate running garage sales through the end of September.

I have DVDs and Blu-rays at a buck for single discs and two bucks for TV season sets. Normally, I have stacks of the British comics war digest Commando at just one buck each, but my first appointment customer cleaned me out of them. As I read the several dozen unread issues I have - Commando publishes eight issues a month - I’ll have more copies to sell.

Posters? I have the rare double-sided Superman poster created for Cleveland’s 1988 International Superman Exposition. Priced at $20, these gems have been a consistent seller for years. I don’t think my remaining supply will last the summer.

I have other posters for sale at $10 each: three different Black Lightning posters, a Misty Knight and Tigra team-up and a Hawkman poster. I also have Daredevil and Luke Cage mini-posters at just $5 each. My supplies on most of these are low.

Tony Isabella fans will find comic books and other books written by me. They’ll also find copies of my script for Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #1.

As always, I will sign any Tony Isabella items you purchase from me for free. In a slight change from previous garage sales, I’ll only sign any Isabella items you didn’t buy from me for free if you have already made a purchase of $10 or more.

I have a couple of boxes of older comics from the 1960s and 1970s, all priced to sell. You’ll find Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane and Thunder Agents to name but a few.

My $10 mystery boxes will be in short supply initially because it does take quite a bit of time to put them together. I’m limiting sales of mystery boxes to one per customer until I can build up a decent supply. I’m shooting to put together one mystery box every day. I currently have four in my garage.

Here are the important rules I mentioned earlier:

YOU MUST WEAR A MASK. If you absurdly find this to be some sort of infringement on your freedom, don’t come to my garage sale. I will not make an exception for you.

MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING AT ALL TIMES. Try to keep six feet away from any other customer. Most of my tables are six feet long, which will give you a good idea of what that distance is.

USE THE HAND SANITIZER OR WIPES. I’ll have hand sanitizer and wipes as you walk into the garage sale. I’ll have also have a few extra masks in case you forgot yours at home.

CASH ONLY. At some point in the distant future, when the world is a little safer and conventions are again possible, I will be able to take credit cards. Not this year.

NO WEAPONS. Unless you are an on-duty police officer or member of the armed service, you will not be allowed to bring any gun, rifle, bazooka, sword, bow and arrows, etc. onto my property. Don’t try to “outfox” me trying to bring something not included on this list as I have a wide range of what I consider “etc.”

NO RACIST GEAR. This includes (but is not remotely limited to) Confederate paraphernalia, white supremacist paraphernalia and anything Trump or MAGA related. It’s a garage sale, not a platform for your political, religious or social bullshit. My property, my rules. Don’t test me on this. You’ll fail spectacularly.

If you can’t make it to my garage sales on Friday and Saturday, you can make appointments to shop at other times. Except for Sunday, I’m open to morning, afternoon and evening appointments from 9 am to 7 pm. This is, of course, conditional on whatever else I have going on in my life. E-mail me or send me a private message on Facebook to make an appointment for you and, if you want, one other person. I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

I think that covers everything. If you have any questions...I can tell you right now I can’t/won’t answer questions about whether or not I have a specific item...I’ll try to respond to them as swiftly as I can manage.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon with more stuff. Be safe, be sane, be wonderful to one another.

© 2020 Tony Isabella

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