Thursday, July 23, 2020


The world-famous Tony Isabella’s Vast Accumulation of Stuff Garage Sale will finally return next week. Customers will have a choice of making one-on-one appointments to shop the garage sale via e-mail or Facebook private messages.

My garage sales are held at 840 Damon Drive, Medina, Ohio. I’m going to be as flexible as possible about accommodating appointment requests. I’m willing to schedule morning, afternoon or evening appointments seven days a week from 9 am to 7 pm within reason and dependent on the many other things I have going on in my life.

If you don’t have an appointment and see that my garage door is open for someone who made an appointment, you will be allowed to wait in the end of the driveway until the customer is finished. When they're done, I’ll wave you in and give you time to shop. How much time is dependent on the time of my next appointment.

Customers will also be able to shop the garage sale without prior appointments. Here’s how that will work:

My garage sales will be open to the public on Friday and Saturday mornings from 9 am to noon. Only two customers will be allowed in the sale at any given time. While those customers are shopping, you will be able to sit in socially distanced chairs in the driveway. When one of the customers inside the garage finishes their visit, I’ll wave the next customer in.

My first garage sale appointment is on Monday, July 27, at noon. My second is on Tuesday, July 21, at 9 am. Customers who make such advance appointments will be able to bring one other person with them.

The first open to the public garage sales will be Friday, July 31, and Saturday, August 1, from 9 am to noon. If you’re still waiting to get in at noon, don’t fret. I will keep the sale open until all my customers have been able to shop.
There are some important rules you’ll have to follow.

YOU MUST WEAR A MASK. If you absurdly find this to be some sort of infringement on your freedom, don’t come to my garage sale. I will not make an exception for you.

MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING AT ALL TIMES. Try to keep six feet away from any other customer. Most of my tables are six feet long, which will give you a good idea of what that distance is. And, yes, I wish I had a bigger garage.

USE THE HAND SANITIZER OR WIPES. I’ll have hand sanitizer and wipes as you walk into the garage sale. I’ll have also have a few extra masks in case you forgot yours at home.

CASH ONLY. At some point in the distant future, when the world is a little safer and conventions are again possible, I will be able to take credit cards. Not this year.

NO WEAPONS. Unless you are an on-duty police officer or member of the armed forces, you will not be allowed to bring any gun, rifle, bazooka, sword, bow and arrows, etc. onto my property. Don’t try to “outfox” me trying to bring something not included on this list as I have a wide range of what I consider “etc.”

NO RACIST GEAR. This includes (but is not remotely limited to) Confederate paraphernalia, white supremacist paraphernalia and anything Trump or MAGA related. It’s a garage sale, not a platform for your political, religious or social bullshit. My property, my rules. Don’t test me on this. You’ll fail spectacularly.

As always, I will sign any Tony Isabella items you purchase from me for free. In a slight change from previous garage sales, I’ll only sign any Isabella items you didn’t buy from me for free if you have already made a purchase of $10 or more.

My garage sales are shaping up nicely at this point. Every day, I’m adding around a hundred items to the displays. I’ll have lots of comic books for sale, many of them priced at a dollar or a quarter. I’ll have Isabella-related books and posters. There will be lots of books and trade paperbacks. There will be cool odds and ends. There will be almost two tables of DVDs and Blu-rays at a buck or two each. There will be copies of the British comic war digest Commando at fifty cents a pop.

My $10 mystery boxes will be in short supply initially because it does take me quite a bit of time to put them together. I’m aiming to put together one mystery box every day, so I should have five or six of them by next Monday.

Because my garage is not a Tardis, I will be limited in what I can  display. Among the things that may have to wait until I sell enough other stuff to have room for them are collectible cards, comics or movie related clothing, a pretty cool collection of VHS tapes, manga volumes, collectible phones and much more.

Barb and I are starting to downsize for her eventual retirement and a possible move to a smaller house. We’re not precisely on the same page here. I’d like to finish our planned renovations before even thinking about moving in the hope that the final results will make Barb want to stay where we are.

But I’m taking the downsizing seriously. I don’t know when I’ll be putting them on sale, but I’ve decided to part with some treasured items. Like those Alan Class reprint comics from the U.K. Like the dozen or so issues of Quality’s Candy and The Barker I’ve purchased over the years. On the fence is my not quite complete collection of Marvel’s Kathy by Stan Lee and Stan Goldberg.

SIDEBAR FOR MARVEL COMICS EDITORS: I want to pitch for a new Kathy series. The concept will astonish you. Trust me.

Back to the garage sales...

I will be publicizing them online. I won’t be putting ads in the local Medina newspaper because, as near as I can tell, over the many years I've been doing these sales, I’ve never gotten more than a couple customers from the ads I placed.

If you’re an area comics creator with your own table and chairs, I would love to have you set up in my driveway during the Friday/Saturday morning garage sales. No charge, but space will obviously be limited. E-mail me for scheduling.
Now that I think about, I'll extend that effort to local charitable organizations whose positions are in line with my own. E-mail me.
If you’re one of my neighbors holding your own garage sales, I’ll be happy to hand out fliers for your events.

If you’re selling comic books, I’m almost certainly not going to be interested unless...don’t tell Barb I said’re willing to take literal pennies on the dollar for what you’re selling. I would want to turn a reasonable profit if I stick the books in my quarter boxes or in mystery boxes. The best way to go on this would be to set up an appointment to bring the comics to me. I'm not adverse to coming to you if you're in the area, but my schedule is going to be pretty tight this summer.

I think that covers everything. If you have any questions...I can tell you right now I can’t/won’t answer questions about whether or not I have a specific item...I’ll do my best to respond to them as swiftly as I can manage.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon with more stuff. Be safe, be sane, be wonderful to one another.

© 2020 Tony Isabella

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