Tuesday, May 2, 2017


April was another busy month for me, but it was more of a stealth busy month than March had been. I made progress on several writing gigs, but none of them are finished at this time. There were sick days as the ails of March caught up with me. The mercurial Ohio weather activated aches, pains and something like the flu but not exactly the flu. There was also more drama with my mother-in-law’s situations and that took its toll on Sainted Wife Barb and the rest of us. Challenging times.

The biggest challenge all of us face is how unsuitable Donald Trump and his fellow travelers in the Republican party are to be running the United States. They are the biggest threat facing our nation, supported as they are by morons and sociopaths. It could take two decades to undo all the harm being doing to our country every week by these evil men and women.

Resolved: that, even in such dark times, we should remember there are still blessings and joys in our lives. Which is why, every day, I try to take note of some person, event or entertainment that has made me happy.

Here is the list of the people and things that made me happy during the month of April...

April 1: Bar Rescue with the acerbic Jon Taffer is fun TV for me. But the March 26 episode - “Bar Over Troubled Water - in which Jon came to the rescue of a bar, family and town crushed by flooding got me misty-eyed and reminded me how many truly good people live in this country of mine. 4-1-17.

April 2: My son Eddie has started attending meetings of the local Democratic Party. Vote for Eddie! 4-2-17.

April 3: The X-Men opening of last night’s episode of The Simpsons with an animated Stan Lee cameo. Not that my old boss is ever less than animated. 4-3-17.

April 4: My daughter Kelly started her new job this week. Several steps above her previous one. 4-4-17.

April 5: The Cleveland Indians have gotten off to a good start this season. Maybe this year? 4-5-17.

April 6: The Spitfire fine bone china mug that arrived at my house unexpectedly. Might be a gift with my subscription to the British comic Commando. It’s an official licensed product of the Royal Air Force and, yes, it is a cool thing to have. 4-6-17.

April 7: Black Lightning. It’s been 40 years since my creation hit the newsstands and, even when things weren’t as good as they are today, Jefferson Pierce enriched my life. 4-7-17.

April 8: The VW commercial with the growing family. The combination of heartwarming and risque is hilarious. 4-8-17.

April 9: Natalie Morales as the Green Fury in NBC’s Powerless. I’ve loved this actress since I saw her in The Middleman. 4-9-17.

April 10: The advice/love/support given to me by my friends/readers when I contemplated doing a very personal fund-raiser. Haters gonna hate, but I’m going to do it. 4-10-17

April 11: Punching Nazis. Which should go without saying. Yes, it’s wrong but it feels so right. 4-11-17.

April 12: Bones. The finale hit the right notes. Life-threatening situations and a satisfying conclusion to the series. 4-12-17.

April 13: Rosario Dawson. Her Claire Temple in Marvel's Netflix shows is our entry into that world and heroic in her own right. 4-13-17.

April 14: Carrie-Anne Moss. Her Jeri Hogarth on the various Marvel Netflix shows is a complicated character and Moss plays her to perfection. 4-14-17.

April 15: Reconnecting with Trevor Von Eeden. I know great things are going to come from this. 4-15-17.

April 16: I only burnt half of the cookies I made for Barb and the kids. Hey, some days, I’ll take a mixed blessing. 4-16-17.

April 17: Rob Harrell’s Adam@Home. I love this strip about a writer who’s a stay-at-home dad. I wonder why. 4-17-17.

April 18: Sneak preview of Trevor Von Eeden’s newest work. Big-time wow factor. We must find something we can do together. 4-18-17.
April 19: David Walker’s Power Man and Iron Fist. I’m enjoying his take on these old friends of mine. 4-19-17.

April 20: Nailbiter by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson. Thirty issues of horror and suspense. Well done, gentlemen. 4-20-17.

April 21: Bob Karp and Al Taliaferro’s Donald Duck Sunday strips from 1939-1942. Delightful little classics currently in print from IDW. 4-21-17.

April 22: Kong: Skull Island. Giant monster, big screen, exciting movie. I beat my chest in approval. 4-22-17.

April 23: Updating my phone and adding a tablet to my bag of techno tricks. Now all I have to do is learn how to use them. 4-23-17.

April 24: The beautiful CERTIFICATE OF COSPLAY I’ll be handing out to select cosplayers at my convention and other appearances. 4-24-17.

April 25: Voting for the Medina County District Library levy. The truth is out there and it’s worth paying for. 4-25-17.

April 26: Finally getting over a cold/flu/something that slowed me down for two weeks. 4-26-17.

April 27: A beautiful sunny day in Medina. Perfect for running my errands. 4-27-17.

April 28: Arby’s orange cream shake. Like unto the nectar of the gods. 4-28-17.

April 29: Samantha Bee’s NOT the White House Correspondents Dinner. A satirical triumph. 4-29-17.

April 30: Hanging out with old friends and making new ones at the FantastiCon in Lansing. 4-30-17.

That’s all for now. Come back tomorrow for a new installment of my thrilling “Rawhide Kid Wednesday” series. See you then.

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