Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Though I am not a current member of CAPA-ALPHA, the long-running comics apa, I wanted to share this announcement...


The last paper edition of CAPA-Alpha will be December 2016.  Gaff isn't able to handle the physical CM work. I have decided with increased costs for postage and printing and  and my desire to spend the CM time on other things, that I do not want to be CM after December.  Since no one has offered to take over CM duties, and Gaff and I have been the only CMs since 2002, this effectively closes the books. All things remain the same, as far as page requirements and dues, until the December mailing is sent.

Gaff will be in charge of an electronic version of K-a, starting in January.  He's working out the details at the moment. There are lots of options and he's deciding what will work best. I'll be printing the e-mail suggestions that were sent this month and I encourage members to comment on the situation in their contribs.

I know this will disappoint those who wish to see the paper version continue, but sometimes we just have to roll with the changes.  K-a has had a 52-year run, through ups and downs, which is an impressive accomplishment.  Let's close out the run with three solid mailings.

best -- Merlin Haas


  1. Whoa, CAPA-Alpha is still going on, in this day and age?? That's amazing.

  2. Elayne, I first joined CAPA-alpha 50 years ago, but my membership has been far from continuous! When I rejoined at the beginning of this year, I was amazed to find we have *no* female members any more -- when I first joined, Maggie Thompson (with Don) was firmly at the helm. Why not give it a whirl yourself? In my humble opinion, we need some diversity!

  3. I'm sorry to hear this in a certain respect but I understand. All that paper! If/when it goes digital, maybe I'll check it out; I was honored to be part of it for even a few years and thank you, Tony, for sending me the 'zines of yours that led me to join.

  4. Depressing news, but not unexpected. I've been in 4 apas over the years, including 2 stints in K-a, and they're all gone. I get why print zines are a dying breed, I get all the advantages of e-communication. But I loved getting one of those thick envelopes in the mail, ripping it open and diving into 100+ pages of cool stuff.