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Precious jewels are the common factor in the two adventures of The Shadow reprinted in The Shadow #98: Gems of Doom and Tear-Drops of Buddha [$14.95; July 2015]. As discussed by author and historian Will Murray in his informative essay, jewels played a role in many adventures of The Shadow and other pulp heroes. Chalk it up to our enduring fascination with precious stones of all kinds.

Walter B. Gibson (writing as Maxwell Grant) wrote both of these two novels. Gems of Doom first appeared in The Shadow Magazine for July 15, 1941. Here’s the back cover blurb:  

A Shadowy impersonator leads the Knight of Darkness on a winding trail to uncover stolen Gems of Doom.

Tear-Drops of Buddha is from The Shadow Magazine for May, 1945: 

The Shadow unravels a web of intrigue to retrieve a rajah’s fabulous jewels - the priceless Tear-Drops of Buddha

This volume also reprints the six-page Iron Munro comic-book story from the July 1940 issue of Shadow Comics. It’s adapted from John W. Campbell’s Astounding Stories serial, “The Mightiest Machine.” The 1934 adventure is said to have been one of the inspirations for Superman. The comics version is written by Theodor Sturgeon, soon to become one of the most famous and well-regarded science fiction authors of all time, and drawn by Elmer C. Stoner.

ISBN 978-1-60877-180-6

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