Friday, September 2, 2016


The latest Black Lightning news is not something I can write about at the present time. No one should take that as a negative. There should be some further announcements from my friends at DC Comics and DC Entertainment. I will have something to say in the hopefully near future.

I will say these things today:

Black Lightning is my favorite super-hero and my proudest creation. I've said on many past occasions that I would happily spend the rest of my life writing Black Lightning stories.

I am enormously gratified by the love and support Black Lightning fans have shown my creation and myself since he made his debut in 1977. Next year will be his 40th anniversary.

The correct Black Lightning creator line is:

Black Lightning created by Tony Isabella with Trevor Von Eeden.
DC and I have approved this creator line. That’s the one that should be used in the future, though I fully expect the wrong credit line will turn up in various places. No-prizes will be awarded to those online comics sites that get it right.

I will continue to work hard to bring you the best writing of which I’m capable. I will try to be as accessible as possible to my Black Lightning and comics families. I ask your understanding when I am not able to respond to your questions as completely and as quickly as we would all like.

Have a great weekend. Mine’s going pretty good so far.

© 2016 Tony Isabella


  1. Nice 180! Hope all works out great for you! - A.

  2. There's a rumour goin' around that there might be a Black Lightning tv show in the works. Here's hoping that develops to fruition. Also, here's hoping that the producers of said proposed series would hire you on as a consultant, if not ask you to write for the series here & there. . .

  3. Any word yet on whether DC will collect your second volume of Black Lightning into another TPB?

  4. odds are the news you can't talk about officialy yet is the news that black lighting may be getting his own tv show . like mostly if dc will honor your agreement that you are consulted when he shows up in other media and also royalties as per the agreement you made when you created him. for dc

  5. Congratulations, Tony. I hope this brings your creation and yourself the recognition you both deserve.

  6. The "correct" creator credit for Spider-Man doesn't mention Stan Lee or Steve Ditko. The "correct" creator credit for Fantastic Four doesn't mention Jack Kirby either.The "correct" creator credit for The Walking Dead doesn't mention Tony Moore. And for decades the "correct" credit for Batman never mntioned Bill Finger. Do not mistake sites that don't use the "correct" credit for being lazy or not knowing what they are doing. They may simply disagree with the "correct" credit.

  7. Calling bullshit on you, Rich. If it's a news story, the writer should use the correct credit. If it's an opinion piece, the writer gets to be a arrogant and clueless wanker. For what you do, well, it's pretty much anyone's guess. :)

  8. Rich should be well-aware that the correct creator(s) credit for Batman has been updated to 'created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger.'

    Andrew Laubacher