Thursday, September 22, 2016


Some random thoughts on this sunny Thursday in Medina, Ohio, home office of this bloggy thing of mine...

Marvel Comics invited me to attend the premiere of Netflix’s Luke Cage series in New York on Wednesday, September 28. Misty Knight, a heroine I created with artist Arvell Jones during our run on Iron Fist, is a supporting character on the show. Of course, I accepted Marvel’s invitation on account of...this is so cool!

Unfortunately, all of the stuff going on here in Medina and with my career means I can’t linger in New York. I’ll be arriving there on Wednesday and flying home on Friday. I’m not sure what will be on my schedule for Thursday, but I’m hoping to at least share a meal with some old friends while I’m in town.

Naturally, you can expect full bloggy thing reports on the premiere and whatever other adventures I have in the Big Apple. Maybe even pictures if I upgrade my phone before I leave.


A year ago today, I posted this on Facebook:

I’m home from my dental surgery, which did not go as well as hoped. There was more bone to remove than anticipated. I won't be getting even temporary dentures for at least three more weeks. Until then, I'll be eating soft foods. Had things gone as planned, I 'd have temporary dentures right now.

I am groggy and uncomfortable, but not in any real pain. That will come. Once the swelling goes down, I should be doing much better. I hope to be at the keyboard again soon. Back to bed.

Today, I am again terribly under the weather without the excuse of dental surgery. If I were to self-diagnose, I would attribute this current excruciating pain in my stomach to a combination of eating something that didn’t sit right with me and the stress of dealing with everything going on in my life. I’ve hinted about the latter, but I want to share a few more details...

The biggest concern here at Casa Isabella is for my mother-in-law Rose. She has Alzheimer’s and dementia. Her much younger than her husband has left her and she is currently living in a care facility that she doesn’t realize is her new home. We’re trying to do what is best for her, but it’s often difficult to determine what “best” is in situations like this. We’re trying to proceed without anger, but there is considerable anger involved.

Barb has power of attorney in these matters. Fortunately, Rose’s house is in her name. Unfortunately, though the bones of the house are very good, it is in need of serious cleaning and repair work. It’s also filled with all kinds of items and papers that need to be gone through. At some point, the house will go to the government to cover the cost of my mother-in-law’s Medicare.

Barb is being helped by family members, our kids, and me. But it’s a tough time for her and that makes it a tough time for me. We’re all working together to find a new and safe normal.

On my career front, I am far more busy than I ever expected to be at this stage of my life. At present, I can’t discuss everything I am doing, but it’s all very exciting and interesting for me. It’s taking effort to put myself on an even keel, but I’m getting there.

With the news about Black Lightning getting a pilot commitment from Fox, all sorts of “friends” and strangers who want to collaborate with me have appeared out of nowhere. This was something I’ve never experienced before, but I have been able to navigate these strange waters with advice received from actual friends who have been where I am now. I thank those real friends for having my back.

The next couple weeks will see me working away on all fronts while also paying more attention to my health. My blood pressure has been going up and, while I’m not in the danger zone, that’s something I need to keep an eye on. Your good wishes are appreciated, but your fretting about me is unnecessary. I have survived much more hectic periods in my life. I’ll survive this stuff as well.


I’ll leave you today with something I posted on Facebook this very date in 2009:

My smile of the day. Held open a door for a woman wearing a Winnie the Pooh shirt. She wished me a "a sunny honey day."

May all of you have a sunny honey day today. I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff.

© 2016 Tony Isabella


  1. You and Barb have my deepest sympathies for the situation regarding Rose. Navigating the waters as family caregivers is a rough experience and I'm afraid that the medical and insurance companies seem more like they're designed to make things worse instead of better. Sending solidarity vibes to both of you.

    David Peattie

  2. Tony, I have great empathy for you and your family right now. My father recently passed away due to complications of Alzheimer's and the couple of years leading up to that were a rough row to hoe. Here are wishes for a speedy and happy resolution to the issues you are facing and continued good health to all.