Sunday, September 18, 2016


TwoMorrows is one of my favorite publishers.  Their magazines and books expand my knowledge of comics history in an entertaining and lively manner.  Though I’m not always able to read and review their works in a timely fashion, I’ll do my best to let you know whenever new books and magazines are released by the company.

The MLJ Companion [$34.95] is a magnificently hefty softcover book that will haunt me until I make time to read it, which I expect to do very soon. Written by Rik Offenberger, Paul Castiglia and Jon B. Cooke, the 288-page volume cover promises “The Complete History of the Archie Comics Super-Heroes!”

Covering the Archie super-heroes from the 1940s to the Dark Circle titles of today, the book includes: 60 pages of classic Golden Age adventures; over 20 creator interviews; rare looks at the Web by Neal Adams and The Hangman by Kelley Jones; the day the Fly almost made it to the silver screen, the time the Riverdale gang became super-heroes, plus looks at Super Duck, Thunder Bunny and more! I can’t wait to see how they got all of the over into less than 300 pages. But I won’t be waiting long!

ISBN 978-1-60549-067-0

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  1. Great! Just this morning I was wondering if TwoMorrows had released this book, and here it is. Looks like I have an order to place!