Thursday, January 25, 2018


Effectively immediately, Tony Isabella's Bloggy Thing is going on hiatus. My schedule, personal and professional, has blown up in my face. Something has to give. This hiatus is part of my overall plan to get back on track..

Also, effective immediately...

Unless we are already discussing an interview, I will not be agreeing to or doing any more interviews until I get my schedule under control. The only way around this is if you sweet-talk Clark Bull at DC Publicity into setting something up. I trust his judgment.

I will honor all of my existing convention and other appearance agreements. It's not impossible that I will add some conventions to my 2018 schedule. However, with just one exception I can think of, any additional conventions or other appearances must meet my requirements for such appearances. Which include an appearance fee. 

I'm not happy about any of the above. But, as of today, I'm about six weeks behind where I wanted to be on my overall schedule. I need to get it together so I can work on some new projects. New projects which hopefully include many more Black Lightning stories as well as several other things I've had in the works.

For the time being, except when I'm on the road, I'll be posting all my usual Facebook page stuff. I'm hoping that won't change.

The bloggy thing will return as soon as humanly possible. Thanks for your patience and support.

Best wishes,

Tony Isabella 



  1. This is sad to hear, but do what you've got to do. We'll manage.

    Andrew Laubacher

  2. I'm POUTING here!!

    Do what you need to. We'll be here when you get back.

    BTW, I emailed you some time ago re the April convention in NJ, as that's a great excuse to see you. When you get a chance I'd love it if you could respond.


  3. Wishing you all the best, Tony, and take care of yourself. Right, Black Lightning is on Netflix here in the UK now so I'm going downstairs to watch episode 1...

  4. Knowing that part of the reason for the hiatus is your well-earned vindication as BLACK LIGHTNING's creator and the busy creative demands that have ensued, how can we object? We look forward to new Isabella credits and your telling us all about 'em here I--we hope--the near future. Best wishes, sir!