Tuesday, October 6, 2015


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Milton Caniff’s Steve Canyon: The Complete Series Volume 1 [Hermes Press; $49.99] collects all seven issues of the 1950s Dell comics based on the famous newspaper strip.  This is a beautiful hardcover edition with terrific Caniff-esque art and entertaining, exciting stories published during the dawning of the Cold War.

Here’s what Amazon says:

Now for the first time in almost fifty years, fans of Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon will have an opportunity to read the all-original comic book incarnation of one of the most important comic strips ever. The comic book adventures of Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon, one of the most popular and enduring comic strips from the late 1940s through the 1980s is joining Hermes Press' line-up of classic comic book reprints. Hermes Press has painstakingly restored the artwork of Milton Caniff, William Overgard, and Ray Bailey so that it looks better than the originals. Fans of Steve Canyon can now read these rarely seen adventures in all their four color glory. In addition to all seven issues together with their original cover artwork, this volume also presents essays, documentary material and rarely seen original artwork.

ISBN 1-932563-77-6

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  1. I've been working my way through Terry and the Pirates. What a masterpiece!

    I've read some Steve Canyon reprints, but the print quality failed to capture the full beauty of the art. Nonetheless, I will seek out this volume.