Friday, October 9, 2015


Another mini-blog...

I try, but often forget, to keep a pad of paper by my bed. It’s for any ideas that come to me while I sleep and to write down my dreams  before they drift from my memory. My dreams often involve comics and rarely make any sense.

Here’s a recent one:

I’m driving the Daredevil car. It’s got a big “DD” on its grill and I’m driving it somewhere for Daredevil.

Why does Daredevil need a car like this? Because some of his cases have taken him to places where there are no tall buildings for him to swing from. He’s asked me to drive the car to where he’s working on such a case.

Suddenly, the car is caught in a dust storm. I pull over to what I think is the side of the road until I can see again. When I can see again, I find I have somehow driven to Egypt. I can tell because of the pyramids all around me.

That’s when my cat Simba woke me up.