Monday, December 31, 2012


I wasn’t planning to end the year with another Vast Accumulation of
sale.  Then I came up with the idea of doing a blow-out sale.
Which I thought would be a spiffy way to thank my online customers
for their support in 2012.

None of the items in this sale will be offered online again.  If an
item doesn’t sell this week, it goes into my garage sales.  Which,
weather permitting, I hope to start in April. 

Here’s how my VAOS sales work...

First come, first serve. In other words, the quicker you e-mail me,
the better your chance of getting the item or items.  Only e-mail
orders will be accepted.  All the items are in very good or better
condition unless otherwise noted.

Let me stress that “e-mail only” rule.  Most of the few mistakes I
have made in assembling/shipping orders have happened with orders
I accepted via phone or Facebook message.  So...I’m not gonna break
my own rule anymore.

Items will be shipped via United States Postal Service.  There is
a $5 shipping/handling charge for up to four items via media mail.
Add $1 for every two additional items.  The charge helps defray my
expenses.  HOWEVER...for this blow-out sale only, there will be no
additional charges on orders containing more than four items and no
shipping charge at all on orders over $50.

Payments are by check, money order or PayPal.  My PayPal address is
the same as my email address.  Purchases will be shipped within a
week of checks clearing,  money orders received or PayPal payments

Because this is a one-man operation done between family, household
and work responsibilities, these items are only available to buyers
within the United States and to APO buyers.

When you receive your order, please check it and let me know of any
omissions as soon as possible.  I’ll be double-checking the orders
on my end, but, if there’s a problem, I want to make it right in a
timely fashion.

This blow-out sale ends when I post the first VAOS sale of 2013 on
Monday, January 7.  

Here are this week’s discounted items...

BATMAN: DIGITAL JUSTICE by Pepe Moreno. [DC; 1990]. Hardcover. $5

FANTASTIC ART: THE BOOK OF LUIS ROYO. Oversized hardcover. $5

SCI-FI ART NOW by John Freeman [Collins Design; 2010]. Contemporary showcase of the work of visionary science fiction artists from around the world. Hardcover. $5

SCHULZ AND PEANUTS: A BIOGRAPHY by David Michaelis. Hardcover. $2

SUPERMAN TIN PRETZEL SNACK CAN [DC; 1987]. 50th Birthday with large figure of Superman and comic-book covers. 9" high, 5-1/2" wide with original label on bottom and a few small dents. $5

Thanks for your patronage.

Tony Isabella

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