Saturday, December 22, 2012


Today is my birthday.  It's early in the morning and I have already received hundreds of birthday greetings.  "Thank you" seems like not enough to say, but...thank you.

One of the things I do on my birthday is write my new year resolutions.  Relax.  I'm not going to share them with you.  With one exception.

I plan to explore the world of webcomics in 2013.  I'm setting aside some time every week to read a chunk of some webcomic or another.  Research.  Inspiration. A combination of both.  In any case, I would truly appreciate your suggestions on worthy webcomics I can read for free.

As for my other resolutions, if I manage to keep them for a few months, then I'll share them with you.

Thanks for all the good wishes and your continued friendship.



  1. I heartily recommend Battlepug, The Abominable Charles Christopher, and Order of the Stick.

  2. Happy Birthday, Tony!

    I have a few suggestions for webcomics. I'm sure several people will recommend GIRL GENIUS ( ) A "Gaslight Fantasy" set in a place where Mad Scientists rule the world.

    You might enjoy SPINNERETTE, ( ), a light-hearted super-hero comic about a girl who gains extra sets of arms. Most of the female characters would make Power Girl look anorexic, but it's fun, and makes frequent comic book reference. You have to read it if only for Black Tiger, ("It's just 'TIGER', dammit!")

    On a less wacky note, I haven't read it in a while so I'm way behind, but I've enjoyed THE DREAMER, ( ), a story about a modern day teenage girl who dreams that she's living during the Revolutionary War. Or is she a Revolutionary Era girl dreaming that she lives 200 years in the future? She's not sure, and falling in love with boys in both eras isn't helping her any. The art is very good, and the historical background to the Revolutionary scenes is well-researched and really makes it come alive.

    And I also have to plug my own webcomic, HANNIBAL TESLA ADVENTURE MAGAZINE ( ), although it is with some embarrassment. I had problems with my website a few months ago and lost about two and a half years worth of pages. I've been slowly filling them back in while trying to do weekly updates of new materical, but it's still rather patchy. Hannibal Tesla is a pulp-era science fiction adventure whose title character is a two-fisted scientist in the mold of a certain Man of Bronze, but the storyline I'm currently working on, "Cat-Men from Mars", focuses on a Gutsy Girl Reporter investigating a Mystery in Space.

    -- Kurt Wilcken

  3. Happy birthday, Tony!

  4. Happy Birthday, Tony! Webcomic recommendations will come when I think of some!

  5. Happpy birthday! As far as web comics go, I read two: Weregeek and Full Frontal Nerdity. I find them both amusing looks at the life of gamers/fanboys.

  6. I recommend:

    Lady Sabre & The Pirates Of the Ineffable Aether
    by Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett

    By Mike Norton

    Ace Kilroy
    By Rob Kelly & Dan O'Connor

    Simone & Ajax
    By Andrew Pepoy

    ...and hopefully, my Perils On Planet X comic sometime in 2013! :)

  7. Michael Kelly SchurmanDecember 22, 2012 at 11:28 PM

    Happy birthday, Tony.

  8. Happy Birthday T-zilla!

    Might I suggest checking out Lady Sabre & the Pirates of the Ineffible Aether ( )

  9. I'm still reading GIRL GENIUS, but frankly it's beginning to creak under its own weight.

    Add me as another recommendation for Rucka and Burchett's LADY SABRE.

    And two of my favorites that are now concluded but are still online in their entirety, for free (and also in print collections) are Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield's FREAKANGELS and Ursula Vernon's DIGGER (which recently won the Hugo Award.)

  10. Wonderful thing about webcomics is you can see new talent in it's raw form just starting to develop. Horrible thing about webcomics is you can see new talent in it's raw form just starting to develop. If you can hate the sin (three pages of exposition) and love the sinner ("I gotta tell this story") then it's a wild ride. Sometimes I read them backwards. This has me starting with them at their talent highpoint, when they drew one page that made me want more, then go one page at a time to their start point. Obviously, this does horrible things to the story.

  11. My webcomic recommendations:

    Both are funny; the latter is X-rated.