Thursday, December 20, 2012


I am forging myself an alternate identity as "the Pez Guy."  I don't collect Pez dispensers and I don't like the candy they dispense.  I just think the dispensers are fun.

Last year, I started buying Pez dispensers to add to the gift boxes I send to clients and associates.  It didn't matter what else I put in these boxes.  It was always the Pez dispensers that they loved best. 

I've taken to picking up a couple Pez dispensers whenever I go shopping.  They bring joy to people and I get a kick out of giving them to people.  I'm even thinking of adding them to my mystery boxes in the new year.  I'm all about spreading joy to the world.

Pez has a website that I've barely explored, but here's the link to it.

Just call me the Pez Guy.


  1. I'm even thinking of adding them to my mystery boxes in the new year.

    Oh, great... Ruin the mystery! 8^)

    I've also never cared for the Pez candy itself but enjoyed the variety of dispensers (and the dispensing mechanism — "Look! Batman/Rudolph/C-3PO is giving me a sugar treat from his throat!"). Not long ago I saw a 25th-anniversary Star Trek: The Next Generation gift set and wished that my cousin still collected Trek stuff like he used to just so I could buy it. I have a bunch of Pez dispensers somewhere, mostly superhero and Star Wars, that I don't have space to display; nor do I have the money to buy more, so I tend to just look at this kind of stuff in stores and be tickled that it exists.

  2. I kinda liked Pez candy, but I never cared to collect the dispensers. However, there was one I would definitely have gotten, and would still have and cherish, if Pez had ever put one out: The Maxx. Pez was a major part of that story. If they'd only put out a Maxx dispenser... *sigh*