Tuesday, June 24, 2014


My first VAST ACCUMULATION OF STUFF GARAGE SALE of the summer will be Friday, June 27, and Saturday, June 28, at 840 Damon Drive in my home town of Medina, Ohio. The sale hours are 9 am to noon each day.

These next few days are the home stretch of garage sale preparation for me. I have about a dozen or so boxes to go through before I am finished stocking the boxes of comic books, magazines, trade paperbacks and hardcovers. These will be priced as followed:

Comic books.....25 cents each or five for a buck
Magazines.....25 cents each or five for a buck
Trade paperbacks.....two bucks each
Hardcovers.....five bucks each
Paperbacks.....25 cents each or five for a buck

These prices will be in effect for this first sale. I'm considering changing the prices for the next sale, eliminating the five for a buck discount. You can prevent that by buying lots of stuff from me and making this first sale successful beyond my wildest dreams of avarice.

In addition to those boxes, I will have a box of comics written by me and a box of specially priced comic books. As always, I'll sign anything I've written for free, whether you buy it from me or not.

My 1000 Comic Books You Must Read will be on sale at $20 a copy.

I'll have rare Superman posters from a quarter-century ago, priced at $25 each. 

I will have at least a dozen $5 mystery boxes available...and, if time permits, I'll put together more of those before the sale.

I won't have boxes of kids comics for this first sale because I sold all the ones I had ready at my last garage sale of 2013. I hope to have at least one box of kids comics for the second sale. What I will have is a table of kid-friendly hardcovers and trade paperbacks at a buck each.

Restocking for these garage sales is going to be a daily thing for me. Some weeks, depending on which boxes I go through, I might restock more comic books than anything else. Other weeks, it might be magazines or hardcovers.

Occasionally, the new items will be something I haven't sold at previous sales. I'll have some boxed trading cards sets on sale this time around.

If you have questions about any items, particularly if they are suitable for younger readers, I will answer those questions to the best of my ability.

Payment is by cash, though I will take checks from those customers I have known for a long time. 

All sales are final.

Absolutely no haggling over prices. 

To bring up a concern of mine...last year, I received complaints about customers, specifically two dealers, virtually pushing other customers out of the way so that they could get first crack at some choice comics. I see that even once this year and the dealers will be barred from this and all future garage sales.

No one has "dibs" on anything I'm selling. Wait your turn.

No weapons, save for my scathing wit, are allowed on my property. 

Now that the grumpy stuff is out of the way, let me tell you why I love doing these garage sales.

Yes, I love making some extra money and reducing the size of my Vast Accumulation of Stuff.

But I also get a big kick out of fans coming to my garage sales and finding great stuff at incredibly low prices. I get a big kick out of readers discovering new things. I get a big kick out of discussing comics and other stuff with my customers. For six hours a week, I get to experience all the best of being a comic-shop owner without any of the drawbacks.

My plan is to hold both a weekly garage sale and a weekly online sale. However, because of the Independence Day weekend, I won't have my next garage sale until July 11 & 12 and I won't have another online sale until July 11.

My garage sales classifieds went live on Craig's List last week and started running in The Gazette (Medina) today. I'll have a new garage sale update for you every day for the rest of this week and some of those updates will reveal some of the "finds" I've made for the sale.

As always, thanks for your patronage.

Tony Isabella

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  1. Tony, I wish your garage sales were in every city in every state! :)