Sunday, June 15, 2014


Weird Science is one of my all-time favorite movies. I love the way that everything the two leads fantasize about in their opening scene actually happens before the end of the movie, albeit it ways they could not have imagined.

I enjoyed the Weird Science television series as well...and thought it would make a swell comic book. Though I pitched the idea to a couple of editors at various companies, I could never get anyone to go for it.  Here's a follow-up letter I sent to a Dark Horse editor in January of 1995:

Remember that WEIRD SCIENCE comic I pitched at you some time back? I thought it had the makings of a winner: two teen heroes, one gorgeous computer genie and the ability of comic books to do things no television show's budget could afford to do.

Anyway, I thought you'd be interested in the following item. It's from Glenn Kenny's "Sci-Fi/Fantasy: column in the January 21 issue of TV Guide.

"Boy, the things that happen when nobody's looking. Did you know that WEIRD SCIENCE--the USA network series (Saturdays, 10 P.M./ET) based on the 1988 movie--is the highest-rated cable show (with the exception of sports) in its time slot and has just been renewed for a third season?"

I'm still very interested in doing WEIRD SCIENCE for comics. Is there any interest at Dark Horse? let me know. 

Hope the new year is going well for you.

One of the downsides of going through old files is realizing how many good ideas of mine never got a chance to reach an audience. Even today, hardly a day goes by without my coming up with an idea for some new comic book. Alas, those publishers who do pay a living wage have long ago written me off and my insane need to pay my bills prevents me from bringing these ideas to the market myself. Maybe someday.

Keep watching the bloggy thing for more mini-bloggy moments.

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