Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I’ll keep this brief.

In a few days, one of the worst people in the world will become the President of the United States. The country I love will be plunged into darkness. We will be in for some very bad years in which the bullies and thugs of the right and "alt-right" will hurt a great many people and enrich those who are already obscenely wealthy. Don’t bother trying to convince things will be okay. They won’t be okay. Maybe someday they will be okay again, but that will take a great deal of work from those of us who prefer the light.

I realized a few days ago that I will never be able to call this horrible man my president, our president or even the President. My throat would burn if I try to speak the name of the office together with his name. My finger bones would crack and break if I try to write the name of the office together with his name.

My dilemma is that, with the great responsibility that comes with being Citizen Tony, and with my commitment to commenting on important issues in our country, I might have to mention this stinking orange dung-heap in the course of my writings. Since I won’t speak or write the name of the office together with his name, I needed to find an alternative name for him. My Facebook friend L. Zane Pinnock came to my rescue without even knowing he was doing that.

Pinnock, in a comment he posted to a threat on my Facebook page, referred to this rancid peel of a human being as...

PeePee Cheeto.

I responded that name must be a Secret Service’s codename for this soon-to-be-blight on the highest office in our land. It will also be how I refer to the blight in my “Citizen Tony” columns from now until our country comes back into the light.

Here’s where you cartoonists reading this can make a little money and, when I say “little,” I ain’t lying.

I don’t want to run any more photos of this guy in my blog. What I want are cruel drawings of him. I don’t want violent or obscene or threatening or otherwise inappropriate drawings. I want you to use your art to mock and demean this clearly illegitimate president-elect poised to become the clearly illegitimate president.

E-mail them to me.

Whenever, wherever and every time I use one of your drawings in my blog or anywhere else, I will pay you five dollars. Which, by the way, is exactly five dollars more than I get paid for writing this blog or posting all the stuff I post on Facebook.

E-mail your drawings to me. Your cover e-mail should include your permission for me to use your drawings.

That’s the deal. You draw. I post them. You get paid.

Once again, my thanks to Pinnock for service above and beyond his duty to this bloggy thing.

I’m Citizen Tony and I approve this message.

© 2017 Tony Isabella


  1. I want to start by saying I hate Trump and did not vote for him. But, these kinds of posts are deeply disturbing.

    Americans are citizens; we are not individual member-states. When we engage in this ‘he’s not my president’ rhetoric, we hurt both the republic and the office of the president. Disagree with him? Yes, of course! Help elect those who would push back against his policies? Definitely! But we MUST remember that he was duly elected, voted in by our neighbors, our fellow Americans, our own brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers. The public meltdown over his election has been nothing short of shameful; as if this man crept into the oval office in dark of night and ‘stole’ the presidency. He didn’t. He won. We lost. We have to work with him (or against him) to make sure he does the least damage (or the best possible job he can), but to delegitimize him before he even starts is simply … un-American.

    We are starting a dangerous precedent that can, and will, be used against us. Imagine this level of unethical vitriol turned towards the next democratic president?

    We are better, we can do better, and we have to do better. This kind of behavior only guarantees a second Trump administration.

  2. I have started referring to him as the Petulant Putz In Chief.

  3. I understand stand Bob but how / why should I accept or tolerate a misogynistic, racist, bigot , consistent and constant liar? W.t.h. does it mean we should all put our differences aside and work together? No! I stopped buying this b.s.

  4. Charlie, trust me when I say I understand, but...

    The sustained campaign right now to delegitimize Trump’s presidency before it’s even started is not just a disgraceful attack on Trump…It’s also a disgraceful attack on American democracy and freedom. As Franklin D. Roosevelt said: ‘On each national day of inauguration since 1789, the people have renewed their sense of dedication to the United States.’ Friday should be a day when the country comes together, not a day when it splinters even further apart. Trump, whether you voted for him or not, whether you love him or loathe him, is the democratically elected President of the United States. If you refuse to accept it, then you flip the bird at democracy.

    I think I would rather be a good American than a good partisan-democrat.

  5. That's the last of your posts I'll be approving, Bob. Your last line insult settles it.

    This is not a typical election. In addition to the usual Republican voter suppression, there is evidence of interference in this election by the Russians and others, all to benefit PeePee Cheeto. There is evidence of conflicts of interest too numerous to mention.

    PeePee Cheeto is not a legitimate president. That people are saying this after Cheeto tried to claim Obama was not a legitimate president is more than just payback. It's a honest assessments of the very serious problems with this election.

    It will likely be decades before American democracy gets back on track.

  6. Artists...I don't want just drawings of PeePee Cheeto. I want cruel and insulting drawings of PeePee Cheeto.