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Doc Savage #87: Up from Earth’s Center & Other Devilish Thrillers  [February 2016; $14.95] is the final volume of Anthony Tollin’s reprinting of all the Doc Savage pulp novels. This concluding book has three adventures, all written by Lester Dent under the Kenneth Robeson house name.

The Devil’s Black Rock was first published in the December 1942  issue of Doc Savage Magazine. From the back cover:

Doc Savage struggles to prevent the Nazis from obtaining The Devil’s Black Rock, a mysterious force that could change the course of the war!

The Pure Evil is from the edition of the Doc Savage Magazine dated March 1948. The title page blurb:

Suddenly, a creature of pure evil has materialized in our world! Can Doc dive into the mysterious world of the occult to confront a demon before the demon ends his brilliant career?

Up from Earth’s Center, the last Doc Savage adventure to appear in his magazine, ran in the Summer 1948 issue of said magazine. From the back cover:

Doc Savage journeys to the gates of Hell and battles demon-like creatures to return Up from Earth’s Center in his final pulp odyssey!

In addition to the three novels, this concluding volume has several informative essays by Will Murray. Publisher Tollin pens an intro to the book and returns at the end of it with thanks to those who contributed this incredible publishing achievement.

The front cover art is by George Rozen. The back cover art is by Emery Clarke, Edd Cartier and Rozen. Interior illustrations are by Paul Orban and Cartier. It’s a great volume and a wonderful way to end the series.

Sanctum Books always delivers exceptional entertainment and always does so at a great price. I recommend their books to one and all.

ISBN 978-1-60877-200-1

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