Monday, February 17, 2014

UPDATE 2/17/14

There will be a new bloggy thing for Tuesday.  I'm hoping I will be able to resume a daily schedule, but there may be some missed days here and there.

Why the absence? Illness followed by some new paying gigs demanding my attention.

I'm behind on answering e-mails. I will try to get caught up on them by the end of the week.

Not to be come off as too grumpy, but people can help me out like this:

Don't tag me on Facebook threads that have nothing to do with me.  A so-called friend tagged me in a thread that basically amounted to him asking his FB buddies to gang up on someone he was having a problem with.  Next thing I know, I have 80 message notifications in my e-mail.  This because of a guy who has NEVER done me a good turn, but who has asked for and received numerous favors from me.  He's not exactly dead to me, but I think I can go a good six months before hearing from him again.

Don't ask me to contribute to or publicize your Kickstarter project.  My funds are limited and my time even more so.  If you want to hire me as a publicist, it'll cost you $100 a hour.  Because I really don't want to be your publicist.

Don't send me a friend request and then, within minutes, ask me to like your project page, promote your work, find you work, etc.

Don't sign me up your Facebook group.  I don't have time.

Don't send me event invitations unless you plan on paying my expenses to attend the event.

Don't send me games apps.  I will think poorly of you and likely unfriend you.

Don't poke me.

Do understand that I have more stuff on my plate than you can possible know about.  I love you all madly, but I can only stay awake so many hours in any given day.


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