Monday, April 24, 2017


Comics Revue #371-372 [Manuscript Press; $20] arrived in my mailbox last week. As veteran bloggy thing readers know, this is one of my favorite magazines bar none. Dated April, 2017, this double-issue is 132 pages of some of the best comic strips of all time. Here’s what editor Rick Norwood presents this time around:

Complete in this issue:

THE PHANTOM by Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy
TARZAN by John Celardo and Dick van Buren
SIR BAGBY by R&D Hackney


RICK O’SHAY by Stan Lynde
CASEY RUGGLES by Warren Tufts
FLASH GORDON by Mac Raboy and Harry Harrison’
ALLEY OOP by V.T. Hamlin
BUZ SAWYER by Roy Crane
TARZAN by Russ Manning
STEVE CANYON by Milton Caniff
STEVE ROPER by Allen Saunders and William Overgard
FLASH GORDON by Harry Harrison
MODESTY BLAISE by Peter O’Donnell and Romero

Subscriptions are $59 for one year, $118 for two years (outside the US, $89 per year sent airmail). For more information, write:

Manuscript Press
P.O. Box 336
Mountain Home TN 37684

ISSN #1552-5848

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