Saturday, April 1, 2017


In yesterday's bloggy thing on Pensacon 2017 - part one of five - I erred in attributing the "green room" at the Pensacola International Airport to the convention. Though the room was staffed by the wonderful Pensacon, it's the airport that maintains that large, comfortable room for its travelers...and I thank the airport for that courtesy. I also thank Maria to bringing this to my attention.

We were having some computer and Internet issues at the bloggy thing yesterday. Maria's message to me was one of several that seem to have vanished. Otherwise, I would have run her message as she sent it to me. I hope I got the information correct this time around. I have now corrected the error in yesterday's bloggy thing, but I wanted to make sure it was visible for those who had already read that first part of the convention report.

Because of those computer and Internet issues, the second part of my Pensacon 2017 report won't be posted until later today. I apologize for the delay.

Tony Isabella

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