Thursday, February 14, 2013


I'm starting to go through old files and came across some cool stuff that will probably make its way into this bloggy thing sooner or later.  Tell me which of these interests you the most:

THE HUNTRESS: This is a script I wrote in the two-column format I learned from Stan Lee's Secrets Behind the Comics and it predates the DC character by close to a decade.  I haven't reread it yet.

COMIC BOOK ALPHABET: This was something I wrote for Comics Buyer's Guide in 1984,  It was run as a full page with illustrations.

THE SCARLOTTI COMICS GROUP: This was a spoof article on a comic-book company I invented.  It was the first thing I sold to new CBG editors Don and Maggie Thompson.

ISABEL: I found stats of  Eddy Newell's finished art for this eight-page story.  I know my script is in one of the file boxes I'll be going through.

Consider the polls open.



  1. I need to know more about this two-column format. Huntress.


  2. I hope you'll write about it all eventually. The Scarlotti thing I really want to see after having heard about it so often over the years, and of course unpublished Eddy Newell art — especially continuity art, especially for a story of yours — is a huge draw (no pun intended). Yet since I love the Levitz/Staton Huntress, even though your proposal has nothing to do with that version it's in some ways the most intriguing artifact.

    Might it be better to hold back "Isabel" in case you can sell it? I've not yet dived into the world of E-reading my comics, but Kurt Busiek & Steve Lieber's 8-page "Thoughts on a Winter Morning" was a minor phenomenon for MonkeyBrain last year.

  3. Huntress!

    The Scarlotti thing sounds like fun and I'd enjoy seeing that some day -- but what I'd really love to see is your Huntress script. Your 1970s comics stories are among my favorites and we have far too few af them. I'd love to be able to read another -- and, since this is a character which never was, to dream of what might have followed.

  4. Oops -- my math is off. I was thinking the DC Huntress was '80s so the Tony Isabella Huntress would be '70s. But realized as soon as I posted that DC Huntress was '70s so Tony Isabella Huntress would be '60s. (Which makes more sense in light of your comment about utilizing a format you'd gotten from Stan's book, rather than more modern format.)

    Huntress is still my first choice. I'd love to get a glimpse into the the thinking and storytelling which led a few years later to the creation and writing of Black Lightning.