Monday, February 25, 2013


Just some quick thoughts:

Seth MacFarlane's performance as Oscar host has received less than great notices.  I beg to differ with pals Heidi McDonald and Mark Evanier, among others.  Though the length of the show clearly weighed on MacFarlane, his extended opening bit was sensationally funny.  What Mark thought of the opening being about MacFarlane, I saw as contemporary self-deprecating humor that weaved contemporary issues into its mix.  The musical numbers were grand and only a few presenters embarrassed themselves, most notable Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy, the Avengers cast - and whose bright idea was it to have the stars of the year's biggest hit give out the award in the one category in which the film was nominated, knowing the Acedemy's well-developed bias against popular success - and Richard Gere and his angels.  Still, Barb and I enjoyed the presentation, only dozed off once for a few minutes, and, in my case, am inspired to check out a couple movies like The Life of Pi, to name just one.  Well done, MacFarlane, well done.

Pope Benedict gave his final blessing.  Big whoop.  I wanted to see this bad man go out in a perp walk and, until that happens to him and other high-ranking Church people, the Catholic Church will be stained with the corruption and vileness of their child-molesting brethren.

Ohio Gov, Kaisch wants to lower requirements for schools.  This is a thinly disguised attempt to shield the charter schools, especially religious charter schools, from getting their certifications pulled and thus be allowed to continue to suck public money from the public school system.

I'm just a few pages into AMERICAN COMIC-BOOK CHRONICLES: 1960-1964 by my pal John Wells and am loving it large.  Check it out and expect my review in a couple weeks. 

A new Tony column will be starting online soon.  Watch for details.


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