Friday, March 28, 2014


Recently published bu Archie Comics, Archie's Funhouse Double Digest #2 [April 2014; $3.99] has a number of noteworthy stories.  Here's info on a few of them.

"Mind Games" by Mike Pellowski, Rex Lindsey and Rich Koslowski. Archie gains the power to read minds. This might be the first publication for this story as I was unable to locate any earlier appearance via the Grand Comics Database.

"Maniac Mission to Madrid" is the second part of the Archie & Friends World Tour saga by Alex Simmons, Rex Lindsey and Jim Amash.  It's reprinted from Archie & Friends #118 [June 2008].

"So How Was Your Vacation?" is a wild story by Rich Margopoulos and Rex Lindsey in which Archie tests a new type of iceberg buster for Mr. Lodge. It's from World of Archie #22 [March 1997].

"Who" is a classic Frank Doyle story drawn by the great Harry Lucey. It's a funny story that builds gag upon gag to reach its ultimate punch line. It was first published in Laugh Comics #169 [April 1965].

Archie comics digests offer a lot of fun reading at a reasonable price. They make for a nice change of page from other comics. Keep watching the bloggy thing for more of these reviews.

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