Tuesday, March 11, 2014


As I have mentioned on my Facebook page, I seem to be in a "best laid plans going awry" phase as unexpected developments arise on a daily basis. I'm in the process of reworking my schedule and should have an update for you soon. What I do know at this point:

Regular blogging won't resume any earlier than Monday, March 17. I have several paying gigs on my desk that must come first.

My online Vast Accumulation of Stuff sales won't resume until Friday, March 28 earliest.  I think you'll be pleased at the selections I'll be offering.

My garage sales may not commence until June.  The lousy weather we've had in Ohio has made it impossible for me to work on getting the sales together.  In addition, I'll be gone for two weekends come May. My daughter Kelly is graduating from The Ohio State University and a dear friend of the family is getting married in Louisiana.  However, I'm seriously considering holding the garage sales every weekend from June through September...except when I'm out of town.

I am not presently booked for any conventions or other appearances this summer. I'm not unhappy about that, though I remain open to legitimate invitations.  There are a lot of things I need/want to accomplish.  That said, I'll almost certainly attend PulpFest in Columbus, albeit not as a guest.  I attend that show just to hang out with friends.

If I owe you a Facebook or email response, thanks for your patience.  I'm hoping to get caught up with all of them by early next week.

Lest anyone worry needlessly, I'm doing well and so are Barb and our kids.  Those plans going awry are being caused by those silly things that pop up in everyone's lives. They are annoying and often frustrating, but they happen and we deal with them as best we can.

Thanks for your continued friendship and your support of my work.


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