Sunday, March 30, 2014


Sanctum Books, the publishing company owned and operated by my pal Anthony Tollin, has been releasing new books faster than I’ve been able to keep up with them. But I’m going to keep trying to tell you about these fine publications.

The Shadow #81: Murder Every Hour and The Time Master [$14.95] is a time-themed volume representing two novels by Walter B. Gibson -  writing as Maxwell Grant - and a bonus radio classic.

“Murder Every Hour” hails from the June 1, 1935 issue of The Shadow Magazine. From the back cover:

Murder Every Hour strikes relentlessly until the time arrives for the Shadow to ring in the midnight hour!

“The Time Master” was first published in The Shadow Magazine for April 1, 1941. From the back cover:

Super crimes are perpetuated with split-second precision by the minions of The Time Master.

“The Man Who Murdered Time” was broadcast on January 1, 1939. In his historical essay, Will Murray has this to say about the radio program episode: “Unlike Gibson’s grounded-in-reality novels, this is a flight into fantasy in the vein of H.G. Wells’ immortal novel, The Time Machine. Be prepared to experience one of the wildest Shadow adventures ever conceived.”

As with the other Sanctum Books series - Doc Savage, The Whisperer and others - these Shadow adventures are entertaining journeys into the heroic fiction of the pulp era.  They’re wonderfully made books and I regularly despair that I might never get around to reading them all.  But what I can do is let you know about the new releases as they appear.  More Sanctum Books news is on the way.

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  1. I really like these recaps.

    The books certainly come out quickly. I'm so far behind in my reading.

    Do you know what his Tollin's plans are regarding the other reprints besides Doc Savage and The Shadow? Doc's near the end of his run, The Avenger finished, and he's made attempts to start The Phantom Detective (only one issue), The Whisperer (stalled at six issues?), and now the Spider, Nick Carter, and Cap Fury.