Monday, March 24, 2014


World of Archie Double Digest is my favorite of the Archie digests because, in addition to the usual array of fine stories by some of Archie's best writers and artists, it features pre-Pussycats reprints of Josie by Frank Doyle and Dan DeCarlo. In issue #36 [March 2014; $3.99], we get all four stories from Josie #26 [April 1967].

Over its run, World of Archie Double Digest has also reprinted some of the odder Archie Comics titles. These have included The Adventures of Young Dr. Masters and Cosmo the Merry Martian.  In this issue, we get two stories of the singing Diddit brothers, also known as the Mad House Glads. Both stories are from Mad House Glads #77 [February 1971]. 

In "Dating Diddits" by George Gladir with art by Gus Lemoine (pencils) and Jon D'Agostino (inks), the boys try to get a date for their widowed father.

In "Do You Thing" - written and drawn by Lemoine with inks by D'Agostino - the boys learn they have some things in common with the older generation.

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  1. Marooned on a desert island with Betty. Poor Archie!

  2. I always enjoy those pre-Pussycat Josie stories, too. Archie may be my favorite publisher these days, with the Archie/Val hook-up, Kevin Keller, Life and Afterlife. Whoda thunk it?